My main focus is on website creation- taking an idea and shaping it into a functional online solution. I work closely with all my clients throughout the design, content, and launch phases of every project. When working with any of my clients I always try and outline their bigger picture goals- so that we are looking at a larger puzzle rather that just a small piece of it. This may include creating marketing campaigns (online/print), social media accounts (and content), re-branding, and even figuring out what kind of email solution will work best for their needs.

This is just a small sampling of projects I’ve created over the years. I work independently so the work you see is all mine, I cannot take credit for the images used (I am not a photographer), and there’s the odd logo I did not create but otherwise this is all me.

Like what you see? I’m available for freelance and contract work, so give me a shout and let’s get started!

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